Test Reports / Evaluations of Materials

Winner`s Choice: TRC System

The TRC System from Winner`s Choice reduces torsion forces¹ at the projecting arms and counteracts right/left impacts when the arrows are grouped. The string material (452) is very stable and shows very little wear. The string does not stretch, and the peep sight always remains in the same position. Training daily for 4 to 6 hours, I have been shooting with the same string and the same cable system without any wear worth mentioning. The TRC System is distinguished by a reduction in noise when you are hunting with it. I have become Indoor World Champion, and have achieved a new shooting World Record with the TRC System. I would not like to be without the TRC System any more when I am hunting.

Copper John / Dead Nuts Pro Sight
The Pin Sight from Copper John is one of the best sights that I have ever shot with. Because of the outer ring, it enables the pins to be fixed in the peep sight extremely effectively. The pins can also be seen very well when you are hunting or competing at dusk. The long cage of the 'Dead Nuts Pro' appeals to me very much, because of my fast arrows (290 fps). The pins can be set quickly and exactly. I have become Indoor World Champion, and have achieved a new shooting World Record with the 'Dead Pins Pro'. I would not like to be without the sight from Copper John any more either, when I am hunting.

NAP Button Plunger Rest
I have already been using the NAP Rest for 8 years, and I can only give it the best references. I have never seen a better arrow rest for protecting the fingers. It is very robust and enables incomparable fine-tuning. I have owed my successes not least to the NAP Arrow Rest. When I am hunting with the bow, I use the NAP Rest with the hunting head that enables the arrow to be pulled out silently.

NAP Razorhead 100
The NAP Razorhead Hunting Tip is extremely suitable for medium-size to big game. It is distinguished by good tuning and penetration action. It has enabled me to shoot a blue wildebeest at 60 yards with a tensile weight of 60 lbs. The Razorhead retains its sharpness for a very long time and does not slide off when it is being tuned. Evaluation of Materials / Test Report: Shrewd Custom Grip: The Shrewd Custom Grip is installed very quickly on all Mathews bows. It lies in the hand very well, and prevents the bow from distorting when you are shooting. The grip gives me a good feeling in my hand at the shot (I feel the shot). This grip has made a great contribution to my achievement of successes and records in the World Competition. It has also become essential to me when I am hunting with a bow. The Shrewd Custom Grip has contributed to the fact that I have become World Champion and have set up new records.

Carbon Express CXL 250 select
The CXL is the fastest and most precise arrow that I have shot at a competition. Because of its diameter (9 mm), it has given me many a ring that would have been lost with a thinner arrow. I shoot with the CXL 28" with a 90 grain tip, at a tensile weight of 62 Lbs, and achieve a speed of 296 fps. I achieve a notable 290 fps in the hunt with the same arrow and a 100 grain tip. I have become World Champion, and achieved a new world record, with the CXL. I swear by the Carbon Express CXL 250 in the hunt, because it has demonstrated a good penetration action.

Nite Hawk Peep Sight
The Nite Hawk Peep Sight is distinguished from others because of a cross as a sight point. This cross causes a greater permeability of light than usual peep sights provided with a boring. I am always able to make out my pins and the game outstandingly well, when I am hunting in dim light with the bow. My right/left grouping (necessitated by sunlight or shadow) has become noticeably better when I am shooting at competitions. I have achieved third place at the 2002 World Championship, second place at 2002 European Championship, and first place at the indoor 2003 World Championship, with Nite Hawk Peep Sight.