1. No arrows in the target or butt may be touched until the arrows have been scored.

2. On all targets less than 55 yards, arrows may be scored and drawn in the prescribed manner after each pair of archers have shot, to minimise arrow damage. The Target Captain and both scorers must go to the target to record the score.

3. Arrows passing through the target face but still in the butt may be pushed back by the Target Captain or deputy who did not shoot the arrow, and scored accordingly.

4. Skids or glances off the ground into the target shall not be counted.

5. 'Bounce-outs' believed to have hit the scoring area shall be re-shot. Arrows believed to have passed through the scoring area but not retained in the butt shall be re-shot with a marked arrow.

6. In the event of a tie for any award in any Tournament, the archers concerned will break the tie by shooting off over three targets. If the tie is not then broken they will continue until one wins a target. If the archers agree they may shoot "sudden death" from the first target.

7. An archer who shoots arrows in excess of the prescribed number shall lose the score of the arrow or arrows of the higher value.

8. An archer who shoots from the wrong marker or at the wrong face will lose the score of that arrow. It may not be re-shot.

9. In the event of a mis-shot arrow, an archer may shoot another arrow provided the mis-shot arrow can be reached with the bow from the archers position at the marker.

10. An arrow hitting another within the target and remaining embedded in that arrow shall have the same scoring value as that arrow. Arrows being deflected by other arrows shall be scored by their position.

11. Where a line having a specific width separates one scoring zone from another on the face, the line is in the lower scoring area. Where there is no line the arrow must cut the higher scoring area to score the higher value.

12. The number of times an archer draws an arrow before releasing that arrow will be limited to four. If the arrow is not then shot it will be scored as a miss. The only exception to this rule will be in a dangerous situation at the discretion of the Target Captain. (or the first scorer if it is the Target Captain in question).