Tournament Officials

1. At every tournament a Field Captain shall be appointed and it shall be his duty to: -
a. Make up the groups.
b. Appoint a Target Captain and two scorers for each group.
c. Designate the targets from which each group shall start.
d. Have the option in any tournament to set a time limit, either by target or round, when such a tournament must be completed.

2. The duty of a Target Captain shall be to order the shooting in the group and to settle all local questions. His decision on arrow values shall be final except on his own arrow values when the decision shall be made by the first scorer.

3. The scorers shall keep an accurate account of scores at each target, maintain a running total and compare these at each target.


Tournament Rules

1. Archers shall shoot in groups of not less than three and not more than six. Normally the preferred number is four.

2. Juniors shall shoot in their own groups at I.F.A.A. sanctioned Tournaments.

3. Cubs shall shoot in their own groups with a non-shooting responsible adult at I.F.A.A. sanctioned Tournaments.

4. The shooting positions of the group shall be decided by mutual agreement. Each archer shall shoot from the same side for the first fourteen target unit, for the remaining fourteen target unit the archer shall shoot from the other side. An archer may opt, with the consent of the Target Captain, to shoot from the opposite side if he considers himself to be at a disadvantage from his own side at a particular target. At the conclusion of each fourteen target unit the archers shall change their order of shooting. Those who shot first shall shoot last, and those who shot last shall shoot first.

5. Single marker lay-out: No archer shall shoot from in front of an imaginary line, parallel to the target, running through the appropriate marker. One foot shall not be more than six inches behind or a maximum of three feet to either side of such marker. For all animal rounds, marked or unmarked, one foot shall touch or not be more than six inches behind or to either side of such marker. Double marker lay-out: No archer shall shoot from in front of the appropriate marker. One foot shall touch or not be more than six inches behind or to either side of such marker.

6. One group shall not hold up the following group by looking for lost arrows. Enough arrows shall be carried so that each archer may continue shooting and return to find missing arrows when shooting has ceased.

7. No archer may practice on any target of a course that is currently being used for purposes of a Tournament. Special practice targets must be provided. In the event of an indoor range "sighters" are permitted if the organisers of the event so allow.

8. If for any reason a group is holding up another group mutual arrangement may be made between the Target Captains to allow the following group to pass through.

9. An archer obtaining the Target Captains permission to leave the range for any valid reason, may be privileged to return to his group and complete the unfinished round. His group may wait for his return but must allow the other groups to pass through. The Target Captain shall set a reasonable time limit for his return, upon the expiry of which, the group will continue. He may make up any targets missed in the interim at the discretion of the Field Captain.

10. No archer may shoot (or compete) in any one Tournament more than once unless advertised as a multiple registration Tournament.

11. Competitors may not shoot at practice targets during the course of a round except at an official break. In the event of an equipment failure, after repairs, an archer may shoot four arrows at a practice target under a Field or Range Captain's supervision.

12. Archers must shoot for the full duration of a Tournament as laid down in the Tournament specifications. Any scores made by an archer who does not complete the Tournament will not be taken into consideration for any awards. In the event of inclement weather the Tournament shall continue unless a pre-arranged signal is given by the Field Captain. Archers leaving the range before such a signal shall be withdrawn from the competition.

13. Targets shall be shot in the sequence intended. Any targets omitted shall be forfeited at the discretion of the Field Captain.

14. Groups shall not approach or interfere with other groups whilst either is shooting a target, but shall remain separate until all members of the group have finished shooting.

15. A Technical Control is to be appointed before the tournament. Each competitor must present their equipment to the Technical Control for equipment check at the designated time and place. It is the responsibility of the archer to maintain his/her equipment within the rules. Failure to do so may result in a protest by another archer resulting in disqualification.

16. No archer shall draw a bow with the bow hand above the top of the head, when drawing on a horizontal plane.